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El Museo de la Memoria de Argentina re-visitado

Los detenidos desaparecidos  son de todos!

Jill in Argentina

Words cannot begin to describe the museum visit we had today, though I will try.

Outside the museum, there are, I think, 10 pillars. On them the names of all the known missing people inscribed onto the metal from the beginning of the desaparecidos until the last. Our guide, Mariano, said that the piece is outside to endure all weather and to serve as a permanent reminder. What moved me the most from this part was the ages. Next to each name, there are parentheses saying how old the person was at the time they went missing. The youngest I saw, though I’m sure there was younger, was 18. The oldest I saw was 72. I can’t imagine how the government could justify taking a 72 year old person off the street and torturing them and possibly even killing them for fear of subversion. The cruelties did not end there…

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