9/11: The Day Everything Changed, in Chile. ARIEL DORFMAN


9/11: The Day Everything Changed, in Chile

Associated Press

Military jets bombed the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, in the 1973 coup against President Salvador Allende’s government.

IF I am alive today, if 40 years later I am able to tell the story of the Chilean coup of Sept. 11, 1973, it is thanks to the blind generosity of my friend Claudio Jimeno.

Associated Press

President Salvador Allende reviewing his troops in 1973.

I remember him now as I saw him then, when I said goodbye without knowing it was goodbye, not knowing he would soon be dead and I would survive, neither of us knowing that the military would kill him instead of me.

Claudio and I met in 1960 as freshmen at the Universidad de Chile, where his toothy grin and shock of black hair had earned him…

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