Muy bella película, que enlaza el firmamento con el desierto y las estrellas con las mujeres que buscan aún a sus desaparecidos.

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This video is the trailer of the film Nostalgia for the Light, about the legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.

By Jeff Sawtell in Britain:

Nostalgia For The Light (12A)

Directed by Patricio Guzman

Thursday 12 July 2012

Awesome. Nostalgia For the Light should be required viewing for misanthropists everywhere, especially those who supported Pinochet’s regime in Chile.

Opening with the wheels of a telescope being positioned and images of the pockmarked moon, film-maker Patricio Guzman narrates his fascination for studying the stars.

It’s nothing to do with astrology but about looking for the origins of the universal material forces that created our species, since we live by the light of long dead stars.

Then the camera looks back to Earth to see Chile’s Atacama desert, a place without humidity and no natural animal life

Not completely true. See here.

except astronomers and archeologists.

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