The Hunger Games: Chile’s debt to a whole generation

The Hunger Games: Chile’s debt to a whole generation

El hedor de la indiferencia violenta de Chile hacia la tortura generalizada se ha vuelto abrumador e imposible de ignorar.

The Next Generation Chilean

Imagine that you are young and full of hope. The President you campaigned for has won the election despite international interference: You are elated. The world will become a better place and you will help make it happen. You do voluntary work in the community, you see how milk is being distributed to poor children. Access to education is a real thing. At work, salaries and conditions have improved. You spend summers cultivating the land with the campesinos and help local kids understand the world better through workshops and community events. There are outpourings of international solidarity and people from across the world come to join this wonderful social experiment.

Suddenly there is an announcement on the radio: the President’s final speech drips through the speakers like superglue. Gunfire,smoke and chaos abound. The President is dead: the military are on the move. Surely not to get me? the community worker/teacher/…

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